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Information about what Play Bar Games does.

What We Do!

Play Bar Games providies one of the most advanced point entry systems to tournament companies that use a point leaderboard. Our system provides over 10 leaderboard and scheduling embeds.

How Does it Work?
Our Point Entry Sytem gives a tournament company control to 4 login roles allowing the admin of the company the ability to deleniate admin priveledges to their directors, supervisors, administrators, and players. The director can easily enter thier own points through our system using any internet connected device. Once the players are entered into the database, they are available in a google like selectable search box creating an extremely fast entry process. All event entries are saved until commettid, and are completely editable by a supervisor, or admin.

The point calculation formula that is used during event entry is created by the admin using our algorythm creator. Point calculations can be as simple as direct point entry at the time of the event, or very complicated taking into account player count, and percentages.

Our system was designed arount free texas holdem bar tournaments, but has been rescently modified to work with pool tournaments, trivia, and rc car racing.