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Grow your poker tournament league with an easy to use point entry system.

The Play Bar Games Point Entry System (also known as the Database Entry System [DES tm]) offers what the tournament director needs: A quick, and easy way to enter points.

Many of you looking at this website might be thinking about your past experience trying to get hundreds of tournament sheets done before a monthly or quarterly event. That is why we built this system. We designed this system to allow for multiple login roles, google like player search, entry save, entry edit, and a plethera of downloads, and settings to customize your experience. Our system allows for easy tournament editing, email notification, and system tracking.

A few features include:
  • Email Notification.
  • Custom Point Algorithm (created by you).
  • Tournaments can be entered by someone with limited login privileges.
  • Custom Bonus catagories that can add point value.
  • Bonus only events.
  • Options to enter events without point calculation.
  • Quick player add screen - Allows the director the ability to quickly create a new player without stoping their entry.
  • Events that are being entered are automatically saved.